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Bubble Bath Swimming Pool Prank!! ๐Ÿ› (WHAT HAPPENS??)

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Ollie and Finn are up to something in todayโ€™s video! Things are gonna get CRAZY in our swimming pool! More swimming pool fun! โ†’ โ†“โ†“โ†“ Fun Stuff Below! โ†“โ†“โ†“ Daily Bumps Theme Song โ€œTribeโ€ โ†’ Catch up on past years of Daily Bumps! Year 4 Montage โ†’ Year 3 Montage โ†’ Year 2 Montage โ†’ Year 1 Montage โ†’ Follow us on social media! Instagram โ†’ @bryanlanning @missylanning Twitter โ†’ @bryanlanning @missy_lanning Facebook โ†’ If you like this video, youโ€™ll definitely like these ones: Slime Prank On Auntie (HILARIOUS!) CAUGHT THE POND MONSTER SWIMMING UNDERWATER!!! All music used under license with EpidemicSound.