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Brilliant hacks using eggs Eggs are considered the king of the kitchen because you can use them in pretty much every recipe you can think of. You can have eggs for breakfast, you can create delicious dinners with them or you can use them in your snacks and cakes. So, in this video we are sharing with you some amazing hacks you can do with eggs in and get create delicious recipes out of the most commonly used ingredient in the world! In the first video, we show you a super simple way to use a slow cooker in order to create a delicious, omelet cake. Simply add a few eggs in your slow cooker and beat them using an electric whisk. After that, add some carbonated water and season your eggs using salt and pepper. Close the lid of your slow cooker and let them cook for a few minutes. You can then serve them with some parsley and finely chopped bell peppers. We also show you a delicious recipe to make cheese filled meatballs from scratch. This recipe is perfect to serve when you have dinner and you have friends over in order to show them how much your cooking skills improved. First cut some mozzarella cheese in cubes and set them aside. Now, in a mixing bowl add two packs of mince, two eggs, season with salt and pepper, then add some breadcrumbs, some olive oil, and finely chopped garlic, add some parsley on top and then start mixing them all together with your hands. After that, start forming the meatballs and add the mozzarella cubes inside. In the slow cooker, empty a jar of tomato juice and add the meatballs inside to cook - add some more tomato juice on top and voila! We also show you how you can create a delicious omelet roll with fresh onions and cooked ham. Simply add three eggs in a mixing bowl whisk them together. Then transfer them in your frying pan and in the middle add 4 slices of ham, fresh onions, and cheese. Finally, once, the cheese is melted on top of the ham, fold your omelet in your serving plate, roll it just as we demonstrate in the video and voila and voila! Watch our whole video to find out how many more brilliant egg hacks we have for you that you will absolutely love! We show you many different easy egg recipes that will make you want to prepare something right away! Timestamps: 0:52 - Homemade mozzarella meatballs 2:04 - Spaghetti omelet 2:48 - Orange baked eggs 4:14 - Ham and cheese omelet recipe 6:06 - Easy way to peel eggs 6:48 - Bacon and eggs bake 9:18 - Cute chicken egg decorations 11:46 - Delicious scrambles eggs recipe --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: Music by Epidemic Sound: