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Spider-Man: Marvel's Accidental ̶H̶e̶r̶o̶ Horror!

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Spider-Man: Marvel's Accidental ̶H̶e̶r̶o̶ Horror, from NerdSync. SUBSCRIBE and hit that bell! 👉🔔 Watch part 1, “VIDEO TITLE”: Watch part 3, "The REAL Reason Spider-Man Quit": Spider-Man is undoubtedly Marvel's most popular comic book superhero, but why is that? What made Spidey so successful throughout history since his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15? I have a theory that Spider-Man was created from his origin to be Marvel Comics' secret horror monster! It sounds crazy, but let me explain... Follow NerdSync! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Subreddit: Get exclusive REWARDS by supporting us on PATREON! ❤️ ❤️ Watch More Nerdsync! Comic Book THEORIES: MARVEL Comics Explained: Latest Uploads: Popular Videos: NerdSync Sidekick - Our second channel! Subscribe: Hosted by Scott Niswander (@ScottNiswander) Business Enquiries: [email protected] About NerdSync: Comic books are an incredible medium filled with the amazing adventures of fantastic superheroes, but they are also much more than just stories on a page. We here at NerdSync see comics as a tool that can help teach us about the world we live in! Join us each week as we explore fascinating topics that range from science, history, philosophy, culture, and art, making complex ideas a little more accessible through the heroes and villains from Marvel, DC Comics, and more, you wonderful nerd! ———————SOURCES——————— The Illustrated History of Horror Comics - Mike Benton Webslinger: A Horror In Long Underwear - [author] The Philosophy of Horror - Noël Carroll The Nature of Horror - Noël Carroll Spiders at the cocktail party: an ancestral threat that surmounts inattentional blindness Stan Lee on creating Spider-Man (Full 2000 CNN interview) Stan Lee Creating Spider-Man - The Everyman Superhero — — — #Nerdy #Superheroes #SpiderMan