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Natsu x Mizore Crossover AMV [Prophecy Of The Dragon Savior!]

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[Details below] I do not own Fairy Tail or Rosario+Vampire or the picture in this video.They all belong to their respective owners and companies.The same apllies for the music.This video is purely fan-made.NO copyright infringement intended! Song:Fairy Tail Original Soundtrack Volume 1 track 36 FAIRY TAIL Main theme Slow Version by Yasuharu Takanashi This is the trailer of a fanfiction story I'm writing on If someone likes crossover stories and wishes to take a glimpse,he/she is always welcomed. The link here: Summary: When Natsu destroys the Eclipse Gate,its magic gets him unexpectadly transported to a new world. There,he searches for a way to return back home when fate brings him in front of an unknown girl.A girl who lives in a snow land and belongs to a tribe of snow women.How will the dragon wizard handle this awkward situation and what kind of new experiences and dangers lie in his path?