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Neat HANDWRITING styles with ballpoint pen | How to write neat handwriting | Calligraphy

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Allan Visses showing how to write neat handwriting with a BIC ballpoint pen. What's your experience doing handwriting or Calligraphy with ballpoint pen? JOIN THE #CALLIGRAFREAKS - Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen 1.0: Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen 1.2: Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen 1.6: More Calligraphy Tools: Follow Allan Visses Handwriting Calligraphy: Instagram: @allanvisses What's your favourite piece ?? 1 Graceful 2 Love is like the mind, you can't see it, but you can feel it 3 miracle 4 beauty attracts heart, but character attracts soul 5 phenomenal 6 experimentation 7 blue 8 forever 9 victory 10 wanderlust 11 you make me smile 12 good vibes 13 love wins 14 never stop dreaming 15 happy 16 queen 17 nothing 18 mistake 19 you never know how strong you are... 20 zero 21 life is what happens.. 22 blood 23 enchantment 24 i need you 25 smile Music by PYROSION: Watch also: Super Satisfying Handwriting Calligraphy with Ballpoint Pen - BROAD EDGE MODERN CALLIGRAPHY COMPILATION #1 - Handwriting with a GLASS PEN - SUBSRIBE TO THE CHANNEL & HIT THE BELL ICON FOR MORE #CalligraphyMasters #Handwriting #Neat #HowTo #Calligraphy