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Roblox | Bloxburg: Birth To Death 1 | Small Movie

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Hey everyone!! I hope you all doing well! I have a new type of video, which is a day, every year of the character "John's" Life. I hope you all like it! Be sure to buy my merch to support the channel! :D White: Pink: Green: Blue: Black: Thanks :D Special thanks to: - snowey652 - Axtrecius - i_Cxiro Also thanks to: - DarkestMorro91 - xoxUnicxrnxox - H4ppy_F33t - karrington08 - Jerry_Is0CrazyZMateZ Thanks guys! To contact me in anyway, use these options: Twitter: Roblox: Discord: Azylo#0721 Also Join these: Discord: Fan Group: Get Bloxburg Here: Music: -All credit goes to the creator of it! Intro made on Clipmaker 2! Recorded and Edited with Camtasia9 Thank you for watching. Let me know what you thought in the comments! Love you guys!!!