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Terraria, but it's Expert Hardmode immediately

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Ever wondered how hard (or easy) it is to start the fresh Terraria run in Expert Hardmode world? There you go: for science I have abandoned humanity and brought completely new character to start in Hardmode right away. Not even Wall of Flesh drops like Pwnhammer to help me out; only copper tools and pure enthusiasm. Oh, and for the bonus: it's Hardcore character too. Just so I cannot use respawns to the advantage. Ah, and it's without fishing as well. Crates OP Music: 5:55 - Greenpath [Hollow Knight OST] 9:40 - The Birdhouse Peak [A Hat in Time OST] 11:22 - Playing with Firepower [Calamity Extra Music Mod, by Turquoise] 13:06 - The Tale of Cruel World [Calamity Mod OST, by DM Dokuro] --------------------- Join CrabBar's Discord Community! - Support CrabBar on Patreon! -