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ι ωιℓℓ ℓσνє уσυ υи¢σиdιтισиαℓℓу || Hiccstrid

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AAAAND... I'M LATE!! As usual.... *it's so strange to see it whole and not with the ''coming soon'' thing...* ......... I'm so sorry for this delate, but I didn't have inspiration for this one until the day when I should have put this!! At 6pm I had the click I didn't have for a month, and I started the whole thing (besides de preview), and well, everytime when I rendered the video, while I was watching it I saw details that weren't okay, and I couldn't let them, and I think you Vegas-people know how much this program takes to save videos..... you really do! Some scenes were inspired/recommended from bagio138, thank you my friend! Anyway, here it is! I'm not really proud about the first 8 seconds, the ''introduction'' part, if I can call it in this way.... but consider that I had 1 day to do all... I teased you a month ago (maybe even more than a month), and I wanted to give it to you as soon as I could! ;P I don't really have so much to say this time, so I only wish you had a happy Valentine's day, or a happy single day, which here is today! (Here the day after St. Valentine is called the Single day, so all the single can celebrate too with days with friends, etc;)) Hope you enjoy! :* Kisses, Betty _________________________________________ Tumblr account: Backup channel: