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Frozen 2 New Threat To Elsa Revealed

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Elsa Is In Danger In Frozen 2 Leaked Footage! SUBSCRIBE for more TheThings ► Frozen 2 Theory: The Truth About Anna's Powers ► Tangled Theory: The Real Reason Cassandra Wasn't At Rapunzel's Wedding ► Welcome back to TheThings "Frozen" fans! It's been six years since Olaf stole our hearts and made us believe in the magic of winter. Disney fans were thrilled to see two powerful female leads belting out beautiful songs while trying to make sense of it all. Queen Elsa and her younger sister Anna spent most of their lives in complete isolation. However, things changed for good when Elsa opened up the gates to invite her people in. Last we left off, Elsa was learning how to embrace her true self while respecting her people's wishes. As the Queen of Arendelle, Elsa has a sense of duty to her kingdom. So, we were shocked to see her stranded on a rocky shore in the "Frozen 2" trailer. In early April 2019, a Disney+ Investors Event was held, and new clips from "Frozen 2" were showcased. Could the Queen of Arendelle be in danger? And if so, what are Olaf, Anna, Sven, and Kristoff going to do about it? New and exciting information has recently been released. Tune in to TheThings to find out what "Frozen 2" has in store for our heroes. #Frozen2 #AnnaAndElsa #Frozen2Villain New Videos!: Most Popular Videos!: Disney Facts You Will LOVE!: EVERYTHING Nickelodeon!: