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[KARMA] Jeebanoff - If You

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JEEBANOFF KARMA session의 마지막 세션 "If You"는 연애를 끝내게 되는 이유들을 간접적으로 노래하고 있다. 내마음을 좀 헤아려줬다면 하는 아쉬운 마음과 동시에 관계에 대한 체념이 담겨있다. 앨범 KARMA의 마지막 트랙 "If You"의 뮤직 비쥬얼을 감상해보자. - The third and final installment of [Karma] Sessions is for the track titled “If You”. This is the final track off the EP where the relationship ends in a breakup and Jeebanoff expresses his thoughts for closure . Check out the visual for “If You” by Jeebanoff on all channels. Lyrics by : jeebanoff Composed by : jeebanoff, Giiana Arranged by : Giiana, Ti Mon Mixed by : Giiana, jeebanoff Executive Producer : goodtomeetyou Produced by : jeebanoff Mastered by : JFS studio Artwork by : Bakijoo (@bakijoo) Project Leader : Donghoon Shin A&R : Tyson Kwon Marketing & Online Promotion : Jinsol Jang Strategy Planning : Hyungchul Jang Accounting : Mihae Kim MASTERED BY 성지훈 @ JFS MASTERING STUDIO [CutExclusive] -