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original song: yes indeed by lil baby and drake i sit in my garden and play stevie wonder and get foot massages while clancy talk numbers he threw me some game and i swear i wont fumble might cop me a bronco to ride for the summer marni the trousers tell Risso to holla the carnival sell out the stadium dodger i cut off some homies but taco my brodie until he score millions i wont leave the goalie might pass em the mittens he never betrayed me the e30 sitting the 675LT my daily the engine is stupid i drive like a tutor when i move, it moves the transmission like Luda now ketchup like packets my new nigga pretty your new bitch is tacky like Busta Rhymes jackets want smoke i can match it the second hand action we exhale u inhale and asthma attack t'ing off niggas nauseous as fuck, fuck u thought? bitch its GOLF shit going crazy i swear i go crazy i never met him but shout out lil baby *gibberish* i ran out of words