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Shayne Topp - Funny Moments 8

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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 1.000.000 VIEWS!! THATS WHY I WANT TO GIVE YOU AN EARLY HOLIDAY GIFT, WITH THE ONE YOU LIKE THE MOST! HAPPY HOLIDAY EVERYONE! I present a Funny compilation of Shayne Topp moments, from SMOSH. What is Shayne putting in the blowhole? What is Jovens real last name? What do Mari Takahashi’s boyfriend Peter look like? and what happens when Shayne pressures Damien?? OOOPPPSSSS!! ALL RIGHTS TO SMOSH, SMOSH PIT AND SMOSH GAMES. I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS. ALL INCOMES BELONGS TO DEEFY PRODUCTIONS. Videos: SHAYNE AND DAMIEN GO FARMING! TRY NOT TO LAUGH: CHRISTMAS EDITION GINGERBREAD HOUSE SMASHING CHALLENGE! (Squad Vlogs) The Justice League is SAD | Music Video WE PLAY 1-2-SWITCH! FINALLY NOTICED BY SENPAI! 2016 vs 2017 STORYTIME: FIRST DATES (The Show w/ No Name) BOZE LYING FOR 22 MINUTES STRAIGHT