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TWICE moments I find painful to watch.

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#HappyTzuyuDay Music in this video: TWICE - Be As One (Korean ver.) TWICE - I'm gonna be a star Videos: The Hurtful Body Shaming Twice Jihyo Went Through - [ENGSUB.SIXTEEN] TWICE Momo Crying (Momo Profile) - TWICE Members Cried As They Leave Malaysia Due To Cancelled Concert - 190318 |《MICHAENG》 Chaeyoung helps Mina walk when Mina is limped - 【TVPP】Mina(Twice) – Rhythmic Gymnastics hoof, 미나(트와이스) - 리듬체조 후프! @2016 Idol Star Championship - Becoming TWICE is not easy (Sana Version) - 트와이스(TWICE) 사나(SANA), 우리 '사나' 놀랬잖아 (공항패션)[NewsenTV] - 쯔위 공식 사과 / 周子瑜公开致歉 - Tears of Tzuyu, Cried because she missed her mom - Get well soon mina 미나♥😢 - 190106 트와이스 TWICE 모모 MOMO 'What is Love?' 직캠 by Spinel- [FANCAM] 190106 Momo Escorted Off Stage At The 33rd Golden Disc Awards (Day 2) - TWICE Jihyo Was Crying At Gimpo International Airport - Emergency! A Horse Kicked TWICE Jeongyeon's feet! 《Law Of The Jungle》EP225 - 190502 MCOUNTDOWN WINNER - TWICE "FANCY" 2ND WIN & ENCORE - 190501 TWICE "FANCY" 1st WIN & ENCORE @ SHOW CHAMPION - Show Champion EP.314 '아시아 원탑' 확 달라진 분위기로 돌아온 트와이스 - [DaNa || SaiDa Moments] 171103 Sangam Fansign - Beautiful Twice - Jeongmi's confession - TWICE Jeongyeon feat. J-line (Mina, Sana, Momo) - She is a flirt - Twice Sana and Jeungyeon kiss Mina - #TWICE #Nayeon #Jeongyeon #Momo #Sana #Jihyo #Mina #Dahyun #Chaeyoung #Tzuyu I own nothing. I just edit the videos. No copyright intended.