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Manchac Networks : Executive Decisions

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Presenting the debut double LP from Manchac Networks, Executive Decisions. A series of dissociated episodes in the life of an office drone - from dawn until the late hours of the next morning, reflections on the future, on choices, on making the right decisions... Made in the office, with the office, for the office, Executive Decisions fades between images of work and after work life, the comforting squeeze of a stable income and regular hours, the thick haze of an easy future ahead... But at the end of the day, when the last drink washes down - was it worth it? What will your decision be? ---Manchac Networks : Executive Decisions--- 01. Merging 02. Grand Bay Court 03. Window 04. Start Page 05. Navisions 06. Smoking Deck 07. We've Been Trying to Reach You 08. Company Car 09. Exhalation 10. Bayou Internet 11. Clouded 12. Busy 13. Fountains 14. Perfect Isolation 15. Reservations 16. No Rush 17. Collusion 18. Sunset Mission 19. Aptiva Nights 20. L'auberge 21. Just Remember 22. Matcha Dreams 23. Anytime, Anywhere 24. Exit ---released in March 2016----------------------------------------------------------------------- Advanced Materials: Bandcamp: Facebook: RateYourMusic: SoundCloud: Twitter: Vapor Memory: 411