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You will not believe who is the grandson of

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You will not believe who is the grandson of 1. Arrow Bayülgen - Elmali Hamdi Yazir Turkcell is the simplest of the orders of Ataturk's Republican era commentaries on the Qur'an and its meaning by Yusuf Ali Hamdi Yazir, Okan grandfather by Bayülgen mother. 2. Tarkan - Conquest Tevetoğlu Tarkan's great-grandfather Fethi Tevetoğlu, were tried in Turkism Case with Nihal Atsız'l, Communism Against a famous politician, one of the founders of the Association. 3- Hasan Cemal - Cemal Journalist Hasan Cemal, the grandson of Cemal Pasha, commander of the powerful Ottoman Empire during the 1st World War. 4- Sadettin Teksoy - Mustafa Ataturk driver Sadettin Apparently the famous TV Sadettin Teksoy's grandfather who was the driving Mustafa Ataturk was Sadettin 5- Koç Family - Hacı Bayram Veli Descendants of the Koç family of Turkey's richest family, he relies on the Sufi shrine in Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli. 6- Ahmet Altan - Tatar Hasan Pasha Tatar writer and journalist Ahmet Altan's grandfather Hasan Pasha has made the Limon von Sanders aide during Victory. 7. Communist Party Aydemir Güler manager - Mehmet Akif Ersoy Former Communist Party of Turkey, one of the new Communist Party executive Aydemir Guler, author of the national anthem, Mehmet Ersoy grandson aquifer. 8- Mehmet Ali Erbil - Erbill Sheikh Esat Efendi Mehmet Ali Erbil's grandfather, Sheikh Assad Effendi Menemen is amongst Erbill be executed after the Event. 9- crystal Kalkavan - Abdulmecit Khan Socialite famous names from the crystal's descendants Kalkavan based on Ottoman Sultan reigns. 10 Burak Kut - Kut'ul Amara Fatih Halil Pasha 1st World War, the British defeated the Ottoman Kut'ul Amara War, the commander of the Ottoman army-Khalil (Kuta) Pasha popçu Burak Kut's great-grandfather. Tugba Özay 11 - Axeman Mehmet Pasha According to their claim Tugba Özay, Axeman He was the grandson Mehmet Pasha 12-UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson - the late Ottoman Interior Minister Ali Kemal 13-Cengiz Candar - Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Candarli Halil Pasha is executed Writer and journalist Cengiz Candar's family is rooted. My great-grandfather Candarli Halil Pasha. No more Video Channel CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE to FREE: the Official Web Site: My Facebook: Twitter: