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Top 10 Favorite Gen 4 Pokémon | Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

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The Top 10 Favorite Pokemon series continues with generation 4! We journey through my adventures in the Sinnoh region and pick out which Pokemon stood out to me the most. This Top 10 series focuses on which Pokemon brought about some of the most memorable moments in my childhood and I hope you enjoy them as well! I hope you enjoy my Top 10 Favorite Gen 4 Pokémon! Subscribe to my channel! ● Check my Top 10 playlist for more! ● Watch my Top 10 Reasons Ash and Serena Should Date | Ash x Serena OTP Pokémon XYZ! ● Editor: ● Follow me! ● Twitter: ● Twitch: ● Facebook: ● Instagram: ● Patreon: ● Donate: Music from this video! ● Staraptor Fanart! ●