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USAF Test Pilot School DG-1000S Glider Test - #2 “And The World Turned”

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Today we bring you the summary video of the DG-1000 spin test program conducted by the U.S.A.F. Test Pilot School located on Edwards Air Force Base. On 30 April 2015, we released a brief sample of this program - depicting an inverted 5-turn spin - and received an overwhelming amount of interest! In this video, we get to see the entire test team in action - including test pilots Tim McDonald and Roger Tanner, Project Engineer Chris Liebmann, tow pilots Gary Aldridge and Jimmy Doolittle III - as well as numerous (and invaluable) technical support crew. Now complete, this elevated-risk test on the DG-1000S glider paves the way for a new spin test training event, which will be used to demonstrate classical spins and spin testing to TPS students. Please note: some of those contemplated test training maneuvers went outside the scope of what was directly addressed in the flight manual. The spins you saw in the video are part of the test team's investigation into the stall, spin and recovery characteristics of the aircraft. We hope you enjoy this amazing video which was shot by Mr. Brad White right here on Edwards Air Force Base! Learn more about the U.S.A.F. TPS at