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Zakir Naik is Defeated As What Lord Jesus says in John 16:15 is Final!

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The explicit challenge from Dr. Zakir Naik is that he wishes to hear from the mouth of Lord Jesus Messiah saying: I am God or Worship Me. In Matthew 15 : 9, Lord Jesus Messiah quoted from Prophet Isaiah saying: But in vain they do worship me. ' KJV. Since the two words Worship Me or Pay Me homage, in Aramaic-English Murdock Version did come from the mouth of Lord Jesus Messiah, then Dr. Zakir Naik has lost the challenge. In fact, Lord Jesus Messiah did claim I am Elohim, which He spoke in the Hebrew idiom. Dr. Zakir Naik have to go back to the past cultural background on the Hebrew idiom and not to use the modern English culture so as to twist the figure of speech of the Hebrew idiom. Sister Mary has quoted two important verses from Matthew 3 : 17 whereby the Spirit of Yahweh descended like a dove, and came upon Him, right after the water baptism; this is followed by the voice from Heaven, saying: This is My Beloved Son in whom I have delight, as quoted from Aramaic-English Murdock Version. That signifies the Spirit of Yahweh the Father had initiated Jesus to begin His ministry on earth, and conferred Him the honorable title, the Son of Yahweh.