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Bikini Contest 2017 - IDBL WPGC Bike Fest

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Tell us who’s your favorite contestant? This is footage of the beautiful women from the Bikini Contest at the International Drag Bike League (IDBL) 17th Annual Bike Fest at the Maryland International Raceway. Location: Mechanicsville, MD Filmed by: Will Smith Edited by: Will Smith Filmed in: 4K Resolution Follow LTuned Productions Auto at: Facebook: YouTube: Google+: Website: Twitter: @LTuned2002 LTuned Productions: Facebook: YouTube: Google+: LTuned Productions Paintball: Facebook: YouTube: International Drag Bike League (IDBL): Maryland International Raceway: International Bikini Team: Bathing suit - Swimsuit - Models No affiliation with IDBL No affiliation with Maryland International Raceway No affiliation with Bikini Contest Participants