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► This SECRET Morning Habit "Accidentally" Melted 84 LBS Of Fat: CLICK HERE: REVEAL SECRET NOW ► ◄ ♥ Please Follow Me On Twitter ♥ ♥ Love You ♥ Top 10 "Try NOT To Cry" MOST BEAUTIFUL & EMOTIONAL AUDITIONS! 10. Reuben gray - Britain's Got Talent 2017 00:39 9. The B-Positive - Britain's Got Talent 2018 03:05 8. Harry Gardner - Britain's Got Talent 2017 05:36 7. The Missing People Choir - Briatin's Got Talent 2017 08:14 6. St-Patricks JR. Choir - Britain's Got Talent 2017 11:24 5. Jamie Lee Harrison - Britain's Got Talent 2017 12:45 4. Shaquille Rayes - Britain's Got Talent 2018 15:23 3. Michael Ketterer - America's Got Talent 2018 16:56 2. Suzanne & Roxanne - Britain's Got Talent 2018 19:07 1. We Three Family - America's Got Talent 2018 21:25 tags: beautiful auditions, emotional auditions, try not cry auditions, agt beautiful auditions, agt emotional auditions, americas got talent beautiful auditions, emotional moment audition, agt auditions, most emotional auditions, beautiful agt auditions, emotional moments in americas got talent, best emotional singing auditions, very beautiful and emotional auditions bgt, bgt emotional moment, reuben gray, reuben gray audition on britains got talent, bgt reuben gray audition, emotional audition by reuben gray, the b-positive, bgt the b-positive emotional audition, the b-positive audition on britains got talent, harry gardner, harry gardner audition on britains got talent, bgt harry gardner emotional audition, the missing people choir, i miss you, i miss you by the missing people choir, the missing people choir i miss you, the missing people choir bgt i miss you, bgt the missing people choir audition, the missing people choir britains got talent audition, st-patricks people choir, st-patricks people choir audition on britains got talent, bgt st-patricks people choir emotional, jamie lee harrison, everybody hurts, everybody hurts by jamie lee harrison , jamie lee harrison bgt everybody hurts, bgt jamie lee harrison audition, jamie lee harrison britains got talent audition, shaquille rayes, bgt shaquille rayes emotional audition, shaquille rayes audition on britains got talent, michael ketterer, michael ketterer emotional audition on agt, emotional performance by michael ketterer, michael ketterer audition on americas got talent, suzanne and roxanne, emotional audition by suzanne and roxanne, suzanne and roxanne audition on britains got talent, we three family, we three family emotional audition on americas got talent, emotional audition by we three family on agt