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RSS' interpretation of Hindutva does not exclude Muslims: Mohan Bhagwat

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RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat Tuesday said the Sangh’s interpretation of Hindutva does not exclude Muslims and was inclusive in nature. “Hindu rashtra (nation) doesn’t mean that Muslims are not part of it. The day we say Muslims are not part of this rashtra, then it will not be Hindutva,” he said on day two of the Sangh’s three-day conclave, Bhavishya Ka Bharat — An RSS Perspective, being held at the Capital’s Vigyan Bhawan. “Whoever lives in Bharat are all of one identity and we call that identity Hindutva. But we have no problem with those who don’t want to call themselves that,” Bhagwat said. “Some don’t say it out of material considerations and political correctness,” he added, claiming that it was Hindutva values, which helped bind a diverse society such as India’s together. The RSS chief also countered the constant apprehensions that it was seeking to alter the Constitution to make it less inclusive, stressing that the organisation abides by and respects the Constitution. SUBSCRIBE to ThePrint : LIKE ThePrint on Facebook : Follow ThePrint on Twitter : Follow ThePrint on Instagram :