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"Remembering The Streak" || The Undertaker Tribute || WWE Mashup || Wrestlemania Streak 21-1

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This has to be the best mashup Delbusto and I have done up to date. The following mashup is a collection of Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponent's theme songs mashed with his theme. It pays homage to one of the greatest streaks in wrestling history, reliving all his matches up to when the streak ended. Down below is a list of all the songs used. Subscribe to Delbusto103: Songs used: "Rest In Peace" by Jim Johnston. (Taker) "Ministry" by Jim Johnston (Taker) "Superfly" by Jim Johnston (Jimmy Superfly Snuka) "Trust me" by Jim Johnston (Jake The Snake Roberts) "Walking Condominum" by Jim Johnston (King Kong Bundy) "Diesel Blues" by Jim Johnston (Diesel) "Psycho Dance" by Jim Johnston (Sycho Sid) "Burned" by Jim Johnston (Kane 1st Theme) "Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven (Kane 2nd Theme) "My Time" by Jim Johnston (Triple H 1st Theme) "Play The Game" by Motorhead (Triple 2nd Theme) "Crank it up" by Jim Johnston (Big Show) "Derailer" by Jim Johnston (A-Train) "Burn in my light" by Mercy Drive (Randy Orton) "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Ass Kicked" by Three Six Mafia. (Mark Henry) "I Walk Alone" by Saliva. (Batista) "Metalingus (On This Day)" by After Bridge & Jim Johnston "Sexy Boy" by Jim Johnston (Shawn Michaels) "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage (CM Punk) "Here Comes The Pain" by Jim Johnston. (Brock Lesnar) ==================== Subscribe to original channel: Donate To Dalyxman's Paypal: BECOME A PATRON ON PATREON TODAY: Buy the NEW Dalyxman T-Shirt: Facebook: Twitter: #WWE #WWEMashup #UndertakerTribute