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Target Calls Security on me for asking a question + Per Purchase Vs. Per Transaction

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I informed Zach (red shirt) that I would like to speak to a manager to verify the coupon policy. I was concerned because the staff was misinformed. I know Targets corporate policy well, and I figured a Manager could easily deescalate the situation. Instead, they sent security. Yes, they profiled me and sent security. Most likely assuming that I would soon act out of character. Chris, the security guard, was unable to get the reaction he had hoped for. He was instead met with an educated and sophisticated Black Woman. When we stand together in the #couponcommunity these incidents will stop. I was extremely embarrassed, but I stood up for myself. The entire incident took almost an hour. It was nearly closing time when I left. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make Target aware of this incident and video. Post this video on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Also call if you can. The Target 🎯 1490 County Rd 220, Orange Park, FL 32003 (904) 278-8652 involved parties... Zach Chris Target Corporate 1 (800) 440-0680 Let your voice be heardπŸ‘‚ Target 1490 County Rd 220, Orange Park, FL 32003 (904) 278-8652 Target Policy can be found here: #couponcommunity #couponing #extremecouponer #couponer #coupons #couponfairy #couponer #occgang #shoppingwhileblack #shopping #target #security