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How To Transfer A Picture To Wood

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How To Transfer A Picture To Wood ⭐️Updated Video ⭐️ When I first uploaded this video I had to disable comments after 170,000 views due to so many people telling me I said Mod Podge wrong you can only imagine how over whelming it became I also had so many rude mean comments from people that are just looking to cause pain and hurt. My amazing subscribers were defending me and got the backlash I could not allow it any further. Now let's jump to 2020 and over 2 Million views I still get tons of positive emails and facebook messages over this video people apologizing for others actions and tons of questions. So I'm ready to see comments again I hope you find this video helpful and please feel free to ask question. Thank you to everyone that has watched this video! And thank you to everyone that has sent so many positive emails and messages along the way :) COMMON QUESTIONS I GET ASKED Paper used? regular printer paper 20 pounds What printer can I use? Ink jet In this video I used laser (I forgot as my sister printed this for me) but over the years I have been using Ink jet. Can I use any Mod Podge? Yes How did I make the names? A vinyl cutter I use a Cricut maker Where do I get my contact paper for the vinyl? Dollar tree clear shelf liner My cousin asked me to make this for her since I use to make these on canvas. So I thought I would share hoping someone would find this helpful :) Dafont watermelon Script Cricut Brayer Mod Podge Brayer Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Expression Vinyl Cricut maker This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Thanks for supporting my channel :)