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Made in Brazil 2003-2009

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Frags from Brazil's most successful CS team, mibr (Made in Brazil). They were formed in 2003, and won events such as ESWC, Gamegune, Dreamhack, shgOpen, and many more. Players featured: Bruno "bit" Lima Bruno "bruno" Ono Thiago "BTT" Monteiro Olavo "cky" Napoleao Raphael "cogu" Camargo Eduardo "Corassa" Corassa Eduardo "eduzin" Chagas Lincoln "fnx" Lau Alexandre "gaules" Chiqueta Carlos "KIKOOOO" Segal Renato "nak" Nakano Rafael "pava" Pavanelli Rafael "pred" Velloso Wellington "ton" Caruso Pantera - Cowboys from Hell (Live) Disturbed - The Animal Disturbed - The Curse Blood Stain Child - Ag2o Rob Zombie & Ozzy Osbourne - Iron Head