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Scripted Autopilot Vehicles - Halo 5 Forge Tutorial

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In this Halo 5: Guardian's forge tutorial, I show* how you can create (auto) self-piloted vehicles using the scripting features provided in each object personal properties. Now, if you have any questions, be obliged to ask me in the comments section of this video. I'll be happy to assist your inquiry. TRANSCRIPT: INSTRUCTIONS - How to Forge: (Auto) self-piloted vehicles. Once in Forge mode, firstly, spawn a vehicle. Open the item's object properties, and click on "Add Script." From there, set the "Condition" setting to "On Timer." Leave the "Initial Delay" setting unchanged (at 0.00). Then alter the "Repeat Timer" setting to point(s) "0.10." Rewrite the "Action" setting to "Velocity Set." And finally, adjust the forward/ horizontal/ vertical speeds accordingly. Congratulations! You've completed this Halo 5 Forge tutorial video. Now, I've taken the liberty in determining all vehicle speeds relative to an user's full forward control speed of said vehicles. Asset statistics run the following: - Gun/ mongoose: 80-95.00 points - Warthog (all variants): 80-95.00 points - Scorpion tank: 45-50.00 points - Ghost: 60.00 and 75-85.00 (boosting) points - Wraith tank: 30-40.00 70.00 (boosting) points - Banshee: 55-65.00 and 120.00 (boosting) points - Phaeton: 65-75.00 and 85.00 (boosting) points AUTHOR NOTES - There are, unfortunately, barriers concerning item usage. For instance, aerial vehicle(s): - Cannot go through objects, even if the item's physics setting is set to Phased. - Velocity settings cannot be altered, unless all items of both vehicle categories are deleted. - Phaetons can 'fly' on every physics setting, with the exception of Normal physics. - Banshees must be set Normal physics in order to fly, but it'll gradually descend upon spawning. - If the Action setting is changed, movement for that vehicle will cease entirely. And for ground (land) vehicles: - 1 in 20 attempts have shown that a Scorpion tank can re/ spawn and not perform a specified task/ movement operation. - If a vehicle is destroyed, its accompany debris will continue on the initial path assigned to the item's original state. - Both Covenant and human assets can veer (wildly) off course, due to environmental instabilities, such as: terrain and objection collision. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Directed, filmed, and created by: “InvokingTexan” *Credit goes to "UsedPopcorn" for pioneering this idea: Music (by appearance): Kevin Macleod - "Meanwhile in Bavaria" Kevin Macleod - "Pixelland" Was the video worthy of praise? If so, then please, show it by clicking the like button. Do you want to watch more videos? Why, you can browse this channel’s various playlists, by clicking here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact me at: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: